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Funics Alphabet Cards26 Laminated Wipeable Alphabet Cards. 

**** only £10 plus £2 for postage & packaging ****

Support your child with correct formation from the start. 

Made by teachers and used by teachers.

Want to support your child with life long writing skills?
Looking for something not toy related?
Looking to understand how to support your child and their writing?
Then look no further!
These letter formation cards are teacher designed and recommended. They have been used by many children to help develop muscle memory so children can form letters easily and at school spend more time thinking about what to write,rather than how to write.

They are A5 in size, so great for children to help them embed correct letter formation from the start. They are laminated so you can use whiteboard pens or playdough as well as trace with their finger.
The cards show you and your child the correct starting (green dot) and finishing (red dot) points.
The caterpillar show the correct starting direction.
The rhyme helps you to support your child in always getting formation correct.
Help your child form letters correctly so they can then work on what to write rather than how to write.

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