Parent Workshops

Workshops designed to look at the core skills your children need to develop their learning most effectively.

We love working with children at Funics, but we also love working with their carers and giving them ideas for the best ways to develop their childrens’ skills.

To help parents, child-minders, nurseries and universities we have devised a series of parent workshops which provide both the theoretical background to aspects of language development and lots of practical tools to use when working alongside children.

Keep an eye on the website and our facebook page for upcoming dates and venues.

What to expect from our workshops


The Autumn term introduces our reading workshops. In an interactive and fun way we show the best way to help your child gain a love of books and reading. We talk about great ways to share books and avoid the stresses and strains of ‘the reading book’! I these parent workshops we look at core skills which help to get children ready for reading and we unscramble the educational jargon around phonics.

“I went to a parents session and it was absolutely fantastic”


In the Spring term we look at the skills involved in writing. We focus particularly on the motor controls needed to give children the best start when grappling with a pencil! Again we use an interactive and engaging approach with activities like looking at simple tips for holding a pencil correctly, the importance of crossing the midline of our bodies and using play-dough for hand and finger strength.

“I’m a mum of twins in reception and a childminder and there were so many things I learnt that I will use going forward, many of which I had never come across before!”

Preparing for School

In the Summer term we invite parents and carers to join us for an evening discussing the best ways to prepare children for starting school. We look at practical skills which children need to learn but we also try to myth bust around the language and terminology schools use (particularly around phonics). With lots of practical tips and activities it's a fun and useful evening.

“Fantastic, highly recommend!”


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