Story Time: The Three Little Pigs

Good morning everyone! It is an exciting day at Funics as we have opened our very own YouTube channel! Which means that this weeks story "The Three Little Pigs" is told by Helen from Funics! We'd love you to take a look, hopefully 'like' our storytime and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We're sharing some related activities on our social media this week so keep an eye on our facebook page.

Here are a few things you could try:

Can you make some houses for pigs with materials you find in your garden? We tested ours out to see if we could huff and puff them down and if they were waterproof!


Funics Frun with Phonics Storytime Three Little Pigs Stick House
Funics Frun with Phonics Storytime Three Little Pigs Brick House

You could also try going on a sound hunt. Pig starts with ‘p’. You can search for some other things that start with ‘p’ around your house. We’re going on a sound walk we’re going to find a p...?

You could also try some of these Phase 1 games to support oral blending and memory skills. P - i - g pig. Join in the games and try to say the sounds and then blend them together before testing your memory.

Share any other activities you come up with in the comments below and we can all try them out.