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Funics ABC box


Funics ABC box is a monthly fun and educational box delivered to your child at home.

As your child’s first educator (it’s been a while since you were at school where many things have changed recently) we want to arm you with support and knowledge to help your child get off to a great start on their literacy journey.

The contents follow the same order as is taught in many schools. We have planned them to link with the Government’s ‘The reading framework – teaching the foundations of literacy 2021’ and ‘The statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (EYFS) 2021’

The contents are created by teachers and build on knowledge and skills each month. The boxes will include letter formation, phonics, reading and writing activities. Our letter formation cards are double-sided and interactive with a QR code linked- to our YouTube channel to show you how to say the sounds clearly as they teach at school.

We will include a range of products each month for children aged 3-6 years (these will cover a few sounds) including, games, activities, colouring, stickers, and a surprise, to help your child develop all the skills needed to be able to read and write. The first box will also have an A3 alphabet poster to colour as you collect all the letters/sounds each month.

The RRP of this box will always be higher than the price you pay.

Free shipping in the UK included.

  • We will help you help your child form letters correctly
  • We will help you help your child with early reading and writing
  • We will help you help your child develop their fine muscles for writing
  • We will support you and share ideas for developing your child’s gross motor
  • We will help you as a parent or carer understand how schools now teach children to read and write
  • We will make the activities fun, engaging and educational
  • The activities will be in line with the Early Years curriculum and KS1 curriculum

Examples of the sort of items that will be included in our boxes

Funics ABC box Funics ABC box Funics ABC box Funics ABC box


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About us

Funics was founded by Rachael and Helen who have always had a passion for teaching and caring for young children. The business was born out of many years of experience and a desire to assist and educate both young people and their carers. We wanted to bring a sense of the fun and excitement of early language learning alongside skills that will genuinely benefit their reading and writing journey before starting formal school.

We love working within our local community but would love to reach further afield to support many others. We want learning to be a joy but also to educate adults on all the vital skills needed before children can begin to learn to read and write. With these key skills developed then the process of reading and writing will be so much smoother for your child.

Funics – fun with phonics
Preparing young ears, voices and fingers for reading and writing

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