Worcester Classes

Helen and Rachael

Worcester Funics classes are run by Rachael and Helen, the founders of Funics. They are interactive, energetic and full of fun.

Phone: 07123 456 789
Email: worcesterfunics@gmail.com

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All Classes are term time only.

Thursday 9.45-10.45am

Worcester Countryside Centre, WR5 2LG

Thursday 11.15am-12.15pm

Worcester Countryside Centre, WR5 2LG

Friday 1-2pm

Worcester Christadelphian Hall, WR1 1QX

Preparing ears, voices and fingers for

Reading and Writing

Classes are suitable for children age 2-4 years
£6 per child age 2-4 years. Children under 2years free.

Funics is a 1 hour session aimed at children and their carers to support early literacy skills.
Bookings are for half term blocks. Contact your local class for more information

Stories, Poems, Game, Songs, Rhymes and Activites

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